Blog Does 24/7 Support From SUN Automation Group Mean?24/7 support means we’ve got your back. No matter the time, place, or issue, SUN Automation Group®’s service team is there to help. 2015-03-03T10:56:00-05:00430d6f02-db0e-4b68-85af-cdd0f7d0c006 What is the Basic Difference Between a Single Blade Ink-Metering System and a Chambered Blade Metering System?There are two different types of ink metering systems: a single blade and a chambered blade system. Both have features that benefit specific jobs.2015-02-23T10:24:00-05:00cea7a148-b9da-4890-bd5b-75f9a84b27b2 Happens to Anvil Dust When Using a Top Anvil System?Regardless of location, ground blanket dust can be an issue for anvil systems. Top anvil systems were designed to alleviate the dust that bottom anvil systems produced.2015-02-05T09:53:00-05:00ab99f8c9-1842-42a3-89a8-ef74d59fcc48 Can I Keep Ink from Drying in the Cells of My Anilox Roll During an Order Change? Removing dried ink from anilox roll cells can be time consuming and costly. Consequently, if upkeep is not maintained, the root or base of the cell will clog.2015-02-03T09:35:00-05:0047be9676-fce4-4d6f-b1c5-f482a512ed58 All Langston and Staley Parts Kept at the SUN Distribution Center?All Langston and Staley stock is kept at the Distribution Center parts in stock vary on demand and availability. 2015-01-23T11:14:00-05:0030c80db0-fbe4-4f69-b427-2732c44db977 Can I Remove Paper Dust From The Corrugated Substrate Prior To Printing?Dust build-up on the printing plates is a common hurdle when it comes to decreased print quality.2015-01-08T09:36:00-05:009eff18ba-8d80-405b-a3f3-2e6191280b0e Can I Run Warped Board in Print Register at Favorable Production Speeds?A warped board is a constant challenge in box plants across the globe.2015-01-05T09:43:00-05:0012ab2e35-230d-463c-a165-cb94de92fcc5 to Prevent Feed Roll CrushPreventing feed roll crush is possible through extended stroke feeding. 2014-12-23T11:07:00-05:0094699584-af30-4707-8b7e-fec5bb5ec3d4 Importance of Preventative Maintenance for a Box PlantBy establishing and implementing a complete preventative maintenance plan, you can reduce the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and equipment failure.2014-12-16T09:19:00-05:005436c699-772a-4829-93fa-eb6f91e63698 Pre-Creasing Help Prevent Rolling Scores?At the top of box plant folding issues are rolling scores, which cause boxes to fold improperly among multiple lines.2014-12-11T14:37:00-05:00c3a108e1-b7d0-438e-bcee-19fa5eb398db Reasons to Go Digital: Benefits of Digital Printing for CorrugatedThe performance and ability that digital printing brings to box plants, such as shorter customer lead-times and increased flexibility has become more attractive than ever.2014-12-08T11:24:00-05:00e0606d98-df55-4506-962e-0aabbe5ffa0c Week 2014Presentations featured at the SUN Automation Group booth at Corrugated Week, Sept. 28-Oct. 1, 2014 in Long Beach, CA.2014-10-06T17:20:00-04:00383e8d2e-219f-4f61-ae22-8d1509b46375 Soon.... SUN Automation is starting a BLOG!And so the connection begins....2014-09-23T11:39:00-04:00