What is the Basic Difference Between a Single Blade Ink-Metering System and a Chambered Blade Metering System?

23 February 2015
Stephanie Marks

There are two different types of ink metering systems: a single blade and a chambered blade system. Both have features that benefit specific jobs. Knowing which is best for your job increases quality and production.

A single blade system, like SUN Automation Group’s®ColorMaster®, uses a metering blade that shears ink off the surface of the anilox roll without being affected by hydraulic forces found in two roll systems. This eliminates excess ink from the anilox roll surface being transferred to the printing plate. 

ColorMaster Benefits:

  • Improved ink metering
  • Non-corrosive doctor bar
  • Less ink to print
  • Excellent alternative for full coverage, block and process printing
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • No end seals to replace
  • Free-flow wash ports

On the other hand, a chambered blade system uses two blades in an enclosed environment. Like a single blade system, chambered systems remove excess ink with a doctor blade. The second blade, or sealing blade, is in place to keep ink free of debris and contaminants. SUN Automation’s AccuPrint® is the perfect example of this system.

AccuPrint Benefits:

  • Easy maintenance with tool-less blade and end seal cartridge replacements
  • Faster order changes
  • Non-corrosive doctor bar
  • Reduce downtime
  • Free-flow wash ports
  • Superior printing for process and high graphics work.
  • Significant ink recovery prior to wash up.

SUN Automation is your partner in print solutions. Contact your area sales team to discuss the best inking system for your print needs. 


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