How Can I Keep Ink from Drying in the Cells of My Anilox Roll During an Order Change?

03 February 2015
Stephanie Marks

Removing dried ink from anilox roll cells can be time consuming and costly. Consequently, if upkeep is not maintained, the root or base of the cell will clog, resulting in poor print quality. After running the last board in an order, using an independent motor to continue rotation of the anilox roll keeps ink from drying within the cells.

If a color change is required, cleaning the anilox roll immediately is vital to prevent drying. This can be done by hand or using an integrated wash system, like SUN Automation’s AccuPrint®. This dual bladed chamber ink system provides totally enclosed circulation, exposing ink only when the bucket lid is open. This eliminates ink contamination and evaporation that users see in systems with open recirculating pans. 

For an economical alternative, printers can use a single reverse angle blade ink system, like SUN Automation’s ColorMaster®. The ink is exposed to the environment with this system, however it is shielded from scrap debris and foreign particles. This is the product of choice when running predominantly full coverage or block printing. 

By preventing ink dry out your printing process will be more cost and resource efficient. 

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