How Can I Remove Paper Dust From The Corrugated Substrate Prior To Printing?

08 January 2015
Stephanie Marks

With the increased attention to shelf ready packaging (SRP) and higher demands for branding directly on the container, a clean crisp print is more important than ever. However, dust build-up on the printing plates is a common hurdle when it comes to decreased print quality. It also significantly results in machine downtime by increasing the number of times the press must be stopped to clean the printing plates. This can all be avoided by using an in-line sheet cleaner that removes paper dust from the corrugated substrate prior to printing.

An in-line sheet cleaner, like SUN’s PrintPrep® unit, effectively cleans sheets by utilizing  a de-ionizing static bar to neutralize the electrical charge that binds the dust particles to the liner and a rotating non-static brush to sweep them away. As a result, machine downtime for print plate cleaning is dramatically reduced because dust is not  transferred from the substrate to the printing plates. 

An optional magnetic system is available to remove metallic particles found on substrates, which is more common today with auto sharpening slitter knives.

PrintPrep® can be adapted to existing finishing equipment. Contact us to learn more.



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