How Can I Run Warped Board in Print Register at Favorable Production Speeds?

05 January 2015
Stephanie Marks

A warped board is a constant challenge in box plants across the globe. However, with vacuum transfer, even reasonably warped sheets move through the machine with ease. 

Here’s how it works: The sheet is strongly held to the transfer wheels by vacuum as soon as it exits the feed rolls and is not released until it is well into the die cut unit. With a warped board, the sheet is held flat as it passes through the print stations so registration remains accurate.

By providing the optimum board path and delivering a flat sheet throughout the printing process, vacuum transfer eliminates jams, allows significantly faster operating speeds, and improves print quality.  Vacuum transfer also reduces skewing and eliminates the need for trimming off excess material required for pull collars.

SUN Automation Group’s SunTrac® Vacuum Transfer system is the supreme upgrade for corrugated finishing machines. Elimination of trim waste reduces costs. Regardless if the board is warped or flat, print quality and registration substantially increases with SunTrac. 

The SunTrac vacuum system can easily be retrofitted to older machines of various brands.



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