How to Prevent Feed Roll Crush

23 December 2014
Stephanie Marks

Preventing feed roll crush is possible through extended stroke feeding. Basically, extended stroke feeding means corrugated scores can be fed beyond the feed roll nip before the feeder stops feeding.

Extended stroke feeding

In the late 1980’s SUN Automation Group’s® engineers set out to develop a jam-free lead edge feeder with good registration that would be durable enough to withstand the demands of a 24/7 production environment.

The result was a feeder with a patented extended stroke design and pioneering velocity profile, which allows the feeder to transfer the sheet well beyond the feed roll nip. This results in superior feed accuracy and reduction of crush by the feed roll grip.

In addition, the transmission provides a hunting ratio to the feed wheels to ensure uniform wear and long wheel life. The precision and efficiency of the vacuum wheel box also allows for a variety of substrates that can be fed consistently – even warped sheets.

To learn more, check out our extended stroke feeder.


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