Will Pre-Creasing Help Prevent Rolling Scores?

11 December 2014
Stephanie Marks

Virtually every single box plant experiences folding issues in some capacity on almost a daily basis. At the top of that list are rolling scores, which cause boxes to fold improperly among multiple lines. Without a proper score, a box won’t fold square, which creates challenges for the manufacturers glue joint and causes problems later in automatic box loaders.

A solution to this recurring headache? Pre-creasing.

Pre-creasing substantially eliminates the occurrence of rolling scores. Here’s how it works: Pre-creasing displaces paper in a controlled, non-destructive manner before the container board is creased to produce the necessary clearances required to permit accurate bending of the panels around the “true” crease line.

In other words, by pre-creasing, you are able to fold more consistently and produce boxes that are dimensionally within specification. Pre-creasing also can greatly improve scoring on recycled liners.

Pre-creasing is a feature available on new case-making machinery and has been for a decade. What many converters don’t realize is this feature can be added to existing flexo-folder-gluer equipment, such as the Langston Saturn machines.  SUN Automation can enhance your current Langston® machine with modern technology. Our machine rebuild division will be able to provide this and other high quality solutions.


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