4 Reasons to Go Digital: Benefits of Digital Printing for Corrugated

08 December 2014
Stephanie Marks

Fueled by the trends toward Interactive Print, Augmented Reality (AR), and mass customization, the digital migration has begun within the corrugated sector. The performance and ability that digital printing brings to box plants, such as shorter customer lead-times and increased flexibility has become more attractive than ever.  Here are four benefits digital printers give corrugated packaging companies.

Cost of Digital Print

Digital printers are able to consistently achieve a cost of print comparable to existing methods, like flexographic printing. However, unlike conventional methods, digital printers offer a higher level of efficiency and flexibility with variable print, more colors, and a reduced set up cost. 

Higher Quality

CorrStream®, offers some of the highest quality print available on corrugated substrates, achieving more than 70% of the spot color range on uncoated and coated stock. With SUN Automation’s drop on demand technology the CorrStream digital printer is highly suited to meet the needs of box plants, and their customers.

Increased Sales Opportunities

Marketers and buyers are requesting custom packaging displays more than ever. Digital technology offers the capability to change text, graphics, and images from one sheet to the next. This next level customization allows brands to make regular changes to their printed messaging and images to help them stand out on the shelf and increase sales.

Increased Color Control

CorrStream’s digital technology offers box makers more consistent control over color quality than conventional flexographic printers.  Dynamic Color Range (DCR) technology from SUN Automation uses a combination of large and small drops to match brand colors. Small drops ensure high quality and color range at lower ink costs, while large drops ensure high output and productivity.

SUN Automation Group’s CorrStream® produces output to the right quality, while being fast, reliable and consistent. CorrStream is the first sheet fed digital printer in the corrugated industry that not only answers the needs of the box maker, it is also a technology that answers the brand and retailers calls for shorter lead times, reduced inventory exposure and more shelf presence.

To learn more how CorrStream reduces printing cost as well as securing new added value opportunities for your box plant, contact Sean Moloney: sean.moloney@sunautomation.com.

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Sean Moloney

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To learn more how CorrStream reduces printing cost as well as securing new added value opportunities for your box plant, contact Sean Moloney.


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